Wednesday, 30 August 2017 ...does your business email address look like this? While it may be a simple approach to just take on the email address, or more specifically the domain of your ISP (internet Service Provider (i.e. BT or Hotmail)) it doesn't look great when you're trying to present a professional company image.

There is a VERY cheap work around... buy a domain from our friends at and set up an email forwarder (for example) from to In most cases email forwarders are free, the domain would usually cost change out of £20 for two years!

123-reg 3 million domains

The only bugbear with this approach is when you reply to emails they'll show as originating from your email address, but if you can live with that it's a really cheap way to get a more professional edge online.

For help setting up email forwarders call The Computer Wiz on 01553 660941 or email Book online at

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