Wednesday, 26 July 2017

PC vs Mac

Following on from last weeks' blog... PC or Mac

PC or Mac

Think back to Windows 98 (if you're old enough to remember), Apples' offering was Mac OS 9, the two operating systems seemed a million miles apart from each other, you chose a side and stuck to it. There were of course a few compatibilities such as Microsoft Office for Mac and the ability to open a few standard file types such as .txt .jpg .gif etc... Printers and other perhibitals had to be purchased with care ensuring they were Mac compatible. While this was the case for Apple Microsoft Windows was pleasing all the people all the time. The only place you'd usually find a Mac was in an art-y type studio.

Windows 98 PC

Mac running OS 9

Fast forward to 2017 what's changed? Both Windows and Macs now play well with others :) If you buy either a PC or a Mac you can be pretty confident your hardware such as printers and scanners will be equally compatible. Software must be written specifically for each operating system but due to the new found popularity of the Mac there are  usually available versions for both.

Windows 10 PC Apple iMac

So what's the difference and what should I buy? Typically when you buy a PC you're buying a computer from a third part manufacturer such as Dell or HP running the Windows Operating System by Microsoft, many businesses choose Windows PCs for their software compatibility. Macs are different in that both the hardware and software are made by Apple so the Operating system and hardware are designed to work together. The biggest difference... Cost... Apple Macs are a premium product and are priced accordingly.

5 Reasons PC's are Better...

1. Easy to upgrade.
2. Affordable.
3. Will run popular PC games. (if you're a gamer a PC is for you)
4. Runs Sage (business accounting software).
5. Massive choice of PC brands and styles.

5 Reasons Macs are better...

1. No pre-installed "Crapware".
2. Solid Unix based foundation OS.
3. Immaculate product design by Apple.
4. Free iWork - Pages, Numbers & Keynote.
5. You CAN run Windows on a Mac.

My final thoughts... if budget is an issue and you need to run specific business software then buy a PC. If budget permits and you want beauty, quality and performance buy a Mac.

This post was written using "Notes" on an iPad :)

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