Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Where do websites live?

If you're looking to have a website built, or just intrigued as to how websites work then this post is for you. All the technical terms in this post are linked to Wikipedia pages for your browsing pleasure.

To have a website you're going to need three things:

  1. Domain Name(s)
  2. Hosting Package
  3. An Awesome Web Designer :)

...Ok ...Let's break this down!

  1. A Domain Name - for example can be purchased for anything usually from 2 years up to 10 years from your preferred hosting company (we ♡ A domain name is put simply a signpost allowing a visitor to easily get to your website. Domain names come with a range of extensions such as, .com, .org and so on... we recommend going for as your primary domain and then adding maybe a .com domain pointing to your that way Google and the other search engines know your website is UK based. Obviously this tip is for my UK based customers but the same would apply elsewhere in the world respectively.
  2. A Hosting Package - A hosting package features webspace, the place your website files live. Your Domain Name points to the webspace and displays the .HTML files your web designer has uploaded. Hosting packages also take care of services like email, FTP and add-ins such as SSL, PHP and MYSQL. The webspace is accessed via an FTP account (File Transfer Protocol), this allows files to be uploaded to your website by your web designer. Web hosting is usually available in either Windows or Linux flavours, we prefer Linux as it's not expensive and it does the job for most basic websites.
  3. An Awesome Web Designer - Ok... Hopefully you'll forgive me for blowing my own trumpet... The Computer Wiz makes pretty good websites if I say so myself! Visit to find out more.


 domain names

You get what you pay for!

Finally there are a lot of websites springing up all over the place selling "in-browser web builder" style templates, they're cheap (or even free) and they look it! A professional web designer will work with you to deliver a business website that works for you and your customers. Remember you get what you pay for! :)

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